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The H2Oh! Enameled Pendant - Organic and One-of-a-Kind Style.

When you buy an H2Oh! Pendant, you receive an organic and uniquely yours enameled copper pendant. Choose from seven different colors on a solid white background - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple or Black. The pendants are created with a base color of bright white and then the magic happens. No two pendants are ever alike.

Order two for earrings or more for a bracelet. Tie two to the ends of a piece of ribbon to create a book mark. The design ideas are endless and only limited by your imagination.

For more information about my enameled H2Oh! Pendants or to sell them in your store, please contact me at


Order your own H2Oh! Enameled Pendant for only $9.95, plus $3.05 shipping.  

When ordering please select your top coat color. 

Pendants arrive with an unattached jump ring and instructions on how to attach the jump ring.

Each pendant is 3/4 inches in diameter and the backside is coated with black opaque enamel.

Due to the nature of the this enameling technique, your pendant will look vastly different from the ones pictured. Please note no two pendants are ever the same.

Pick Your Top Color

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